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Here it is, the final episode and the winner revealed!

Hi-Res Quicktime Version of Episode # 08

Thanks to everyone for your help this season. Thanks for watching, thanks for participating! We couldn't have done it with out you all.


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This is it! The final challenge. In a surprising twist we have three finalists; BodyCity, G-RAD, and Existential Media all fighting it out to win the title of Ultimate Blogger. With just one challenge left the future of this game is now in the hands of those eliminated. All that is left is a final appeal to those they kicked out of the game. It's time for politics.

Hi-Res Quicktime Version of Episode # 07

Each of the finalists will now make their final plea to the other contestants. These are due in the Den on Wednesday, October 10th, at 9:00 pm (Portland time). After that time the ousted contestants will vote on which of the three they believe to be the Ultimate Blogger, and the winner will be revealed on Friday.

Special thanks to Chadwick Johnson for extending his visit to cover the final days of the competition.

Righteous Theme & The Den Soldiers On

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While things are still very cloudy around here there is a new version of the UB3 theme by the Righteous & Harmonious Fists.

UB3 Theme (Righteous & Harmious Fists Version) (3.6 MB MP3)

There are also some new things being posted in the den, some beautiful helpful things, and some things which look for some feedback from YOU so check that out.



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Hi-Res Quicktime Version of Episode # 06


TJ Norris has been eliminated, and with him, the last of the single entity contestants.

Things are pretty messed up over here. I'm not really sure what's happening now. Sorry everyone.


Fifth of Immunity

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Congratulations to G-RAD for winning their second immunity. As the game progresses immunity becomes more and more valuable. Tomorrow morning one of the other three will no longer be in the game! Everyone better hope their alliances are rock solid.

The dizzying array of entries on this last challenge that were posted all throughout the internet kept us nervous and excited. It took us a while to feel like we really had a handle on what went down, and even then it appeared that some of the contestants were working together? Very strange indeed. We have cleaned up the front page now, but we remain impressed.

And so the YTMND Immunity Page is given to G-RAD for their hacking, piracy, parody, mixed-up challenge that they presented to the world. Congratulations on lasting one more round.

We Are In Control.

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Hacked. Somehow the contestants have gained access to the main blog of UB3. This is essentially a "patients taking over the asylum" situation, and while unnerving and disruptive, we have ways of dealing with this.

Certain contestants conspired together to cause one of the system admins to give up a username and password. Patching the leak is easy, as we can simply disable the account they are using. However, some contestants used this super-user account to grant their own accounts additional privileges. We are working on cutting access to those accounts, and things should be back to normal no later than tomorrow.

In the meantime, pay special attention to what the URL of the page you are looking at is, and hopefully we can put this whole mess behind us. Special thanks to our friends at CERT for helping us out and to IC3 for their ongoing investigation.


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G-rad got pretty sneaky on that last one, but the show must go on.

EPISODE #: AOKUB3WTFPUNK from bodycity on Vimeo.
The metaphor describing the relationship between consciousness and the sub-conscious can be applied to the relationship between protected and shared intellectual property. Dreams can be appropriated and influenced through light and sound, by various stresses throughout our days or by more direct methods as with Brion Gysin's dream machine. The effect is complete whether or not the desire to create it is overt. Piracy can be just that; an aggressive act of ripping someone's property, be it physical or intellectual, out from under them and making it your own. It can also take on the more subtle nature of the effect a blinking light or passing ambulance might have on the sleeper. Dreams help us to reexamine our waking lives in new innovative ways. Without dreams there is so much about ourselves that could go unrealized. In the universe of digital intellectual information, the same applies. Piracy is an integral part of exploration. Just as song writers, poets, and artists "steal" from one another and just as our dreams are focused thoughts from our subconscious, piracy moves our collective thought process. Sharing is caring.

EPISODE #05.5: (P)Reproduction

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Well folks, we've thrown a parrot on your shoulder this time! In recent days, we've noticed some dissent among our ultimate blogger participants and our viewing public. Folks seem to be feeling a bit disenchanted, a little disillusioned, shall we say, about how rules are interpreted, immunities distributed, alliances formed, and challenge themes chosen. (And here we thought Piracy would be a hit.)

Hi-Res Adobe .PDF Version of Episode # 05.5

To all you naysayers out there, here's your chance to take charge and tell us what you think the next challenge should be. The time has come to stop your trash talkin' and start some serious shot callin'. Yep, that's right. This is the Create Your Own Challenge challenge. If you were us, what would the next challenge be?

This challenge is open to EVERYONE: ultimate bloggers present and past, our viewers, and especially the people that keep talking the talk in the comments (non-regular UB3 contributers can log in here using 'ub3den' as both the login and password). Submissions are due no later than Wednesday, October 3, at 3 p.m. (Pacific). We know you're short on time, so we're limiting submissions for Challenge 5.5 to video, and we've created a toolbox of dialogue and props to help get those creative juices flowing. We are eager to see your submissions!

UPDATE: We now have TWO RAD NEW VERSIONS of the Ultimate Blogger 3 Theme Song for your enjoyment and use in making your own episode of UB3! One by our friend David of Cains & Abels and a remix by COW BLOOD. You can find them on the sidebar to your left.


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And so we reach the Final Four. Each contestant sitting in their respective corner and eyeing each other's strengths and weaknesses. It's every man, woman, and community for themselves. This is the part where we see alliances break apart under the constant barrage of back-room deals and strategies to make it to the next round. The only guarantee of safety is immunity.

Hi-Res Quicktime Version of Episode # 05

The challenge is Piracy, a theme which represents the dark underbelly of the web. This isn't the "Walk the plank!" piracy of Errol Flynn, but rather the dark cultural aspect of the internet. The internet is built on open standards, and digital content is easy to copy. For a prolific blogger, photographer, or designer the web can be a nightmare defending your intellectual property. We want you to delve into the realm of copying, stealing, appropriating, mash-ups, remixes, and all the quasi-legal aspects of the digital world. It's all about recontextualizing and using other sources to make something in the end that is truly your own. This is another challenge where we want to see the process of what you do. As this may well be a more involved challenge, the deadline is Wednesday, Oct. 3rd, at 3:00pm (pacific). As always the immunity and voting will be conducted later that day.

Normally we'd thank everyone at this point, but instead I'd like to get a little negative and warn everyone: DO NOT WORK WITH dalas verdugo OR ADRIAN CHEN. They are terrible violent tricky people just out to promote their own commercial success. Sorry for the harsh vibes.

Fourth Immunity Awarded

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Wow. That was awesome. G-Rad seems to have wrapped every challenge we have had so far and rolled it all up into this one giant burrito of an entry! It was really exciting to watch it happen and super fun. So congratulations to G-RAD for winning immunity (and astounding us, I mean, a widget!?! REALLY!??). Just when we thought we'd seen the best they had to offer, we see everyone stepping up their game and really pushing themselves.

Wow. This contest just keeps getting more interesting.

Immunity comes in the form of the The ORLY Owl of Immunity (with some "Calder red" outlining) and of course now G-RAD is safe for one more round of UB3. Meanwhile the remaining contestants are all at risk, and must choose one among them to be eliminated! Tomorrow we will learn who was eliminated and what the next challenge will be.


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Of the eight original contestants we are now down to just five. Congratulations again to Existential Media for their second immunity win, but of course now it's time for an all new challenge.

Hi-Res Quicktime Version of Episode # 04

Nothing livens up a blog like images, and often the posting of an image with no text or explanation can really prove the old adage about 1000 words. When discovering a new blog the images often set the tone first, as they jump out of the text. Images on a blog are like clothes on a person, and a reader will infer a lot from just seeing the photos before they read a single word.

This challenge is taking that idea even further. We're forbidding the use of video or text of any sort. The idea of this challenge is to show us your world. We want to see where you do what it is that you do. Environment has a huge effect on how we work and live. Show us your city, your neighborhood, your house, your workplace, your creative space, wherever you make your work or whatever you feel like we should see. And make sure to portray WHY it's so awesome and special.

The deadline for this challenge is next Thursday, the 27th at 12:00pm (pacific) with the immunity and voting happening soon after.

Thanks to dalas verdugo and everyone at Vimeo. A special thank you to Adrian Chen for really helping us out and teaching us so much about not just comedy, but ourselves. And a very sincere thank you to GT's Kombucha for their continued support.

Third Immunity!

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Another amazing batch of entries, and a very honest view at the passion of our contestants. We really feel everyone is stepping up to the plate and putting forth content that will stand the test of time. As the competition moves forward we're seeing things heat up in the comments. Of course we encourage everyone to root for their favorites, but remember that everyone is working very hard on this stuff. We really appreciate the efforts of the contestants and the high expectations of our viewers.

The first contestant to win two immunity awards is Existential Media, who are awarded the ALL YOUR IMMUNITY ARE BELONG TO US. They are setting themselves up as the team to beat in this competition! Congratulations to them for the second time.

And so we enter another voting period. Existential Media is safe, but all the others are wondering, will that powerful alliance strike them down next? We will know on Monday when the next next video is posted, revealing both who was eliminated and the next challenge.

UB3 Theme - Bobby Birdman Version

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We are blessed to have a really great theme song this season as crafted by Cabel Sasser. Which you can now download in the sidebar to the left there as well as a slightly different more upbeat version that Cabel recorded.

Right now I would like to debut the first of a series of reworkings of this song by musicians we really love. First off we have someone who has made music for Ultimate Blogger before (the music episode in Season 2) and made a brief but special cameo as well. BOBBY BIRDMAN! 

Ultimate Blogger Theme (Bobby Birdman Version) (2.2 MB MP3)

This version is bound to be packing the dance floors of New York, Los Angeles, and Internet City.  

Thanks so much Bobby Birdman!

Episode #03: Addendum

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Another challenge and another elimination. After an amazing batch of entries we are left with only six contestants after some surprise twists! Congrats again to bodycity for winning immunity.

Hi-Res Quicktime Version of Episode # 03

WARNING: This episode contains violence, dark themes, and inappropriate language.

So many great blogs these days are wonderfully specific. Sub-niches that deal with such deep topics most of us will never see them. Our internet identity is composed of an array of our specific interests. The internet is a place where anyone, whatever their interests or kinks, can find peers. This leads to those amazing insider blogs that delve deep past an introduction and into uncharted territories on new subjects. Only by having a true passion for a topic can a person sustain a blog with no regard to the number of readers or making it easy to read for neophytes. We all have our own passions, and no matter what they are about, with enough conviction your passionate blog entries make the subject matter compelling and pull the reader in. Take us deep into your world and show us where your passion resonates the strongest.

The deadline for this challenge is next Sunday, the 23rd at 12:00pm noon (pacific) with the immunity and voting happening soon after.

Thanks to James Sumner. A special thank you to Mr. dalas verdugo for really helping us out, and to April for her assistance! And a very sincere thank you to Hammy's Pizza, the unofficial caterer of UB3.

Second Immunity!

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We think this might be the best batch of entries we've ever seen in this contest... So much positive energy and hope! One entry pulled us back over and over, not just with the video they posted, but with such a perfect example of internet involvement and a transparent look into how it all happened. Congratulations to bodycity! They have won the Hamsterdance of Immunity, a truly coveted animated.gif prize.

And with that, bodycity will be the only contestant to definitely remain tomorrow, when we will see who has been the next person voted into oblivion. Did those three votes against Paige really represent an early alliance? Or was it just random chance? Much of the strategy could become apparent after we tally these votes.

We really encourage everyone to dig into the Den and look at what has been posted. The Den Archive page works as a great index to everything posted so far.


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The game has truly begun. We now have the profiles of all the contestants and the first immunity awarded to Existential Media. Congratulations! The votes are now in and we also have the bitter first elimination. We are so sorry.

Hi-Res Quicktime Version of Episode # 02

And now the next challenge, under the banner of "Participate": The internet is place of connections, where real people interact and get to know each other. This is an exciting and crucial element of the online world, and we want to see the contestants get out there and involve other people.

Whether they bring people to participate in something they do, or they go out and participate in something someone else is doing, it's interaction with new people we are looking for. As this opens up the possibility of interacting more in the real world, we will be giving additional time before the deadline.

The deadline for this challenge is next Wednesday, the 19th at 10:00am in the morning (pacific). And the contestants should use the extra time to bring us into the process, we want to see not just the results, but the initial plans and what ideas they come up with.

A very special thank you to Andrew Dickson for his inspiration, our Guest Director Judah Switzer, and to Mr. dalas verdugo for his help with this episode. Also a big thanks to Vimeo.com, Dave Longstreth, Adam Forkner, Curtis Knapp, and Clare L. Evans.

Technical Issues

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Sorry for the delay everyone! The video was finished at about 6am this morning, but we are having some trouble getting it all rendered, encoded, and ready to be seen. We'll post as soon as it's ready, which we hope to be relatively soon. Please stay tuned!

First Immunity Awarded

September 13, 2007 | Permalink | Comments (4)

It it with great pleasure that we reveal the first immunity of Ultimate Blogger 3. While many of the entries were amazing, and it was a very close call, in the end there was one profile which drew us in and made us want to know more. Congratulations to Existential Media, who is the only contestant to be guaranteed to make it to the next challenge.

The contestants are now voting, and the results will be revealed tomorrow along with the new entry and the first to be eliminated. It's hard to believe we will be losing someone so soon! We would like to thank all the contestants for their hard work and great profiles.

Please note that the images of the contestants are now linked to their profile page! We encourage you to click on them and learn more about these eight fascinating contestants.

We nervously await the results and will see you all tomorrow!


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The game starts now! Below is the first video, which also features documentation of our creative process. From so many applicants we have narrowed the pool down to the best eight chances we have of finding the next Ultimate Blogger. And of course I'm sure you've noticed that things are very different. While we may only have eight contestants, they are artists, provocateurs, and also groups, teams, gangs, and entire communities. This is like the United Nations of blogging competitions.

Hi-Res Quicktime Version of Episode # 01

Rather than try to quickly sum up the contestants the first challenge they have is to create their own profile. Once they post it in The Den, we'll link their image to that profile. Of course, this is more than a mere introduction. One contestant will be awarded immunity for creating the best profile, and they will be the only one not at risk of elimination.

The profile is due on Thursday, September 13th at 3:00pm (pacific). We will award immunity and ask for the votes by 5:00pm that same day. Then, on Thursday we will post the new video which will include who has been eliminated.

We wish everyone luck, and we can't wait to see what you come up with.

A special thanks to Guest Director Matt McCormick and to PICA for their financial support. Also to our friends at Vimeo and across the internet.

Apply Now To Be The Next Ultimate Blogger!

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UrbanHonking is looking for THE ULTIMATE BLOGGER.

Do you want to join the elite? Are you ready to undergo the trials, tribulations, and eliminations of the greatest season yet of THE ULTIMATE BLOGGER, the Internet's only reality TV show designed to test your blogging skills?

Don't understand? We've posted a behind-the-scenes video about the upcoming season that will be part of a feature-length documenatary about the show!

Hi-Res Quicktime Version of Episode # 00

The application is easy. We just need to know your name, where you live, and why you think you will win THE ULTIMATE BLOGGER. You can post a video, a blog entry, even make a whole website -- whatever it takes to get your point across. Just send us a link to your video when you're done, and remember to tell us why you are a winner in the form below.

Application Deadline: September 6th