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Apply Now To Be The Next Ultimate Blogger!

From August 3, 2007 | Permalink

UrbanHonking is looking for THE ULTIMATE BLOGGER.

Do you want to join the elite? Are you ready to undergo the trials, tribulations, and eliminations of the greatest season yet of THE ULTIMATE BLOGGER, the Internet's only reality TV show designed to test your blogging skills?

Don't understand? We've posted a behind-the-scenes video about the upcoming season that will be part of a feature-length documenatary about the show!

Hi-Res Quicktime Version of Episode # 00

The application is easy. We just need to know your name, where you live, and why you think you will win THE ULTIMATE BLOGGER. You can post a video, a blog entry, even make a whole website -- whatever it takes to get your point across. Just send us a link to your video when you're done, and remember to tell us why you are a winner in the form below.

Application Deadline: September 6th


Comments are up and running. Sorry about that guys. Hello from Brooklyn!

1 Jona 12:29 PM on 08/22/07

I was trying to comment when UrHo first posted a link to UB3. Good work guys! I can tell this season is going to be something else.

2 Kerry 5:40 PM on 08/25/07


3 Joel 5:55 PM on 08/25/07


4 Joel 5:55 PM on 08/25/07


5 Joel 5:56 PM on 08/25/07

Triple posting sux.

6 Terry Garcia 6:27 PM on 08/25/07

What kind of name is "Terry Garcia"? Sounds like a fake to me. Fuck you, faker!

7 Joel Bechtolt 6:53 PM on 08/25/07

What kind of name is "Terry Garcia"? Sounds like a fake to me. Fuck you, faker!

8 Joel Bechtolt 6:53 PM on 08/25/07

Wow, welcome to the internet everyone. Yeesh.

9 Mikey 7:29 PM on 08/25/07

Lets say I enter this competition.

What do I get out of it when I win? A trio of self-proclaimed internet geniuses telling me I'm the best? Wow...

I guess I could also look forward to giant red comments.

10 dantheman 4:02 PM on 08/26/07

The first year we had a $500 prize package, and the second year we had $1000 prize package. This year we are working with our sponsors to be even bigger and better than before, but we don't want to announce anything until we have pen to paper.

11 Mikey 9:12 AM on 08/27/07

Icame here looking for a cool blog to read but you guys are just dicking around in the desert. Things that make a blog cool: content, design, words. I see at least 1-2 of those things here, but rarely a third. Is this contest just for dudes? Will there be ladies involved? I work for an organization that promotes the recognition of humor-writing by women, and basically if you don't include any funny women in this context you can all go to hell. Contest. In this contest.

12 John Denver 11:19 AM on 08/28/07

Hello John Denver,

We feel like there is more to blogging than just words. What about video blogs? Music blogs? Other stuff?

We have always had a very diverse cast. Check out last season, or better yet, APPLY!

13 Mikey 11:42 AM on 08/28/07

Wow, I haven't been here in a while, comments are getting rough.

14 Jona Bechtolt 2:34 PM on 09/08/07

Rumors on the interwebs that competitors have been selected?! Inquiring minds and all that...

15 Gene 2:43 PM on 09/08/07

John Denver: I really hope the female humor writing organization is real!

16 Adrian 6:23 PM on 09/08/07

Suckaz. FTW!

17 PovertyJetSet 12:05 PM on 09/10/07

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