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The game has truly begun. We now have the profiles of all the contestants and the first immunity awarded to Existential Media. Congratulations! The votes are now in and we also have the bitter first elimination. We are so sorry.

Hi-Res Quicktime Version of Episode # 02

And now the next challenge, under the banner of "Participate": The internet is place of connections, where real people interact and get to know each other. This is an exciting and crucial element of the online world, and we want to see the contestants get out there and involve other people.

Whether they bring people to participate in something they do, or they go out and participate in something someone else is doing, it's interaction with new people we are looking for. As this opens up the possibility of interacting more in the real world, we will be giving additional time before the deadline.

The deadline for this challenge is next Wednesday, the 19th at 10:00am in the morning (pacific). And the contestants should use the extra time to bring us into the process, we want to see not just the results, but the initial plans and what ideas they come up with.

A very special thank you to Andrew Dickson for his inspiration, our Guest Director Judah Switzer, and to Mr. dalas verdugo for his help with this episode. Also a big thanks to Vimeo.com, Dave Longstreth, Adam Forkner, Curtis Knapp, and Clare L. Evans.


Yay! It's up!

1 Mikey 4:25 PM on 09/14/07

these videos reeeeally need to cut to the chase. the extra "making of" stuff is NOT needed.

2 billy 4:29 PM on 09/14/07

I can promise you Billy that we won't be cutting to the chase anytime soon.

3 Steve Schroeder 4:36 PM on 09/14/07

It's true, you might be watching the wrong web-reality show my friend! :)

4 Mikey 4:42 PM on 09/14/07

Even though Steve is betting on Paige I think he's just a big adorable fluffy bear like a snowball cupcake. And I'm totally down with your friggin' comments on PBR. Totally Unrad.

5 TJ Norris 4:49 PM on 09/14/07

who was eliminated?

6 Norm dePlume 6:41 PM on 09/14/07

I'm with Billy. Time is money, guys, and this show is putting one helluva dent in my pocketbook. Ouch!

7 RICHJENSEN 7:21 PM on 09/14/07

Haters need to recognize these folks are making art here, not just entertainment. Both episodes have been brilliant, in my opinion, and I'm sitting here downloading at 12 kps from the public library's wireless across the street.

Time is money and art costs money.

8 Terry Garcia 7:54 PM on 09/14/07

I love love love this! I am so happy about participation! I'm sorry to see Paige go..I liked her, but someone had to bite the dust...hopefully no hard feelings...in fact, I really like everyone...does that make me a bad contestant?

9 Lake Sharp 7:57 PM on 09/14/07

I'm pretty sure Rich was kidding. He's that way and also one of the most supportive humans I know.

But also maybe he was dropping the criticism hammer.

I am excited about all this.

We are trying to challenge ourselves to make something grander (than before) and interconnected throughout. It is our own challenge, and really we know the scope is maybe not as wide as in previous seasons but that is the way it goes when personal and artistic goals become grander.

We've done it the other way before and we just aren't interested in that as much.

The cast is different, the videos are different, and I couldn't be more pleased.

I also like this discourse.

Thanks for the kind words.

10 Steve Schroeder 8:54 PM on 09/14/07

For the record, my pocketbook is essentially all dent.

If there were to be only one reality web show left after the collapse of civilization I would hope it was this one

What I like most about the stories is how everything is so absolutely true, even down to the most subtle, idiomatic inflection of 'in the know' speech. It's the exploitation of exploitation. Magnifique!

11 Richjensen 10:17 PM on 09/14/07

i really enjoyed this video!


12 james 10:33 AM on 09/15/07

my computer won't play the videos. I need to get my computer cleaned or something, right? It plays them but all choppy like I'm using a Mac from 1964.

13 m. ritchdog 3:33 PM on 09/15/07

I had the same problem (choppy) and had to borrow my spouse's computer. Funny, other vimeos usually work. I'm boosting my RAM next week, maybe that'll help. . .

14 Lloydcenter 3:43 PM on 09/15/07

I love UB3. I love all the contestants, may the bestest blogger win crazy style! No hating allowed, only loving.

UB3 rewlz. I can't wait to see the next round of posts! Someone always has to lose. I am a very practiced loser. So it all works out. Sorry you lost the bet Steve! ;-) I owe you some Pabst, um. Ok maybe some Hamms instead...(sorry)

15 paige 9:55 PM on 09/18/07

These are the best UB videos yet. So long and awkward and hilarious. I LOVE THEM.


16 Alex 8:33 AM on 09/19/07

It would seem that Little Elephant missed the gate to the Zoo?

17 Wesson Smith 1:47 PM on 09/19/07

Yeah, where is little elephant??

18 krista 1:56 PM on 09/19/07

Last time I know she had some technical problems beyond her control... we are trying to touch base and determine what is up...

19 Mikey 2:00 PM on 09/19/07

A deadline is a deadline is a deadline. Deadlines are tough to meet - and this was the second time the elephant didn't come through.

20 Krista's Ritehand Grrrl 3:14 PM on 09/19/07

Hmm, I thought I was Krista's "ritehand grrrl"!

21 Liz 7:06 AM on 09/20/07
22 shenacatro 7:29 PM on 10/01/07
23 shenacatro 11:30 AM on 10/09/07

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