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Episode #03: Addendum

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a) I'm pleased you're moving beyond this ugly incident.

b) Memorize your lines, boys!

c) MP3 of the theme song, please? KTHXBYE

1 josh 10:27 PM on 09/20/07

OHHHHH! Lil E! What happened!??! Your Upsi left me intrigued!

lil G-RAD, don't fail me now!

2 benner 10:38 PM on 09/20/07

Majorly confusing, majorly exciting. Where does this leave us? Is upsi a real person? Was she ever part of this competition? Is this a trade secret? Passion is awesome. or is it Passions. Oh well. I need to go. Thanks, for this update. HERE WE GO. (2-3-4)

3 Matthew 1:02 AM on 09/21/07


4 Claire 6:35 AM on 09/21/07

I call total bullshit on this. The problem with contestants voting each other off is that it doesn't have anything to do with the task at hand, which is creating dynamic blog posts in response to a challenge. In other reality shows, where contestants are judged on their performance (Top Chef, Project Runway, Design Challenge, etc.), people are voted off by a panel of neutral judges. It doesn't make any sense to the spirit of this this game that we are reliant on alliances to make it past the second round.

That said, I feel like we've been slapped in the face. I want to know exactly why our team did worse than a team who DIDN'T EVEN PARTICIPATE. In the participation challenge no less. We participated the shit out of that challenge. We worked all weekend, we integrated ourself into three different events, we got non-internet people from the outside world totally involved (which was a point that had been stressed in the actual challenge). Little Elephant didn't even show up.

At this point, what is our incentive for trying to do well on the next challenge, or for even participating in it at all? The most we can hope for is immunity, and then we're kicked off the next round anyway. Why post anything? If this is a game about numbers, it can be figured out without our hard work and the guise of these challenges. Lame, guys.

5 Liz 7:01 AM on 09/21/07

My suggestion is a lot of reality at the beginning, about twice as much, and then a lot of show, and then back to reality at the end.

6 Richjensen 8:20 AM on 09/21/07

good alliances win the game, and good blogging wins immunities (and the hearts of alliances).

i think it was your good work that made you a threat. by not participating, little elephant was shown as the weakest link, which means she isn't any threat. in UB1 we kept joel around because we knew people outside the alliance would continue to try to vote him off leaving us free to pick off some strong competition early on.

my suggestion... continue doing an awesome job, and find a way to crack the alliance. they've drawn first blood, i'd take my gloves off if i were you

7 james 8:55 AM on 09/21/07

What is the alliance? Did I get voted off? Thank you for reading my blog comment.

8 Matthew Stadler 9:15 AM on 09/21/07


First off I will agree that our system may not be perfect, but I don't think just because those shows are on TV and have been replicated that the all judges based immunity and elimination system is perfect either. We always have wanted strategy and inter-contestant play to be involved, and at some times it has led to contestants being eliminated that we really didn't want to see go because we felt they were making the game better. BUT THIS IS THE SYSTEM. I think it does work because it rewards great blogging with immunity and great gameplay with not getting voted out.

It must sting to put a ton into your work and then be targeted by an alliance who is clearly voting off on game strategy and not on merit.
That sucks.

I don't understand what you mean by saying your team did "worse"? It seems like you are implying you did worse in the judges eyes. Which is just false. The thing that saved you this challenge was that you scored well on the judges immunity scoring matrix and little elephant finished bottom on the pack so the unused vote went against little elephant.

We thought your entry was great, but i should point out just to refute your comment that it was never specific "non-internet" people.

This has happened before. The solid bloggers being targeted by an alliance. AND IT HAS BEEN THWARTED. Season 1, someone you know even named Willow was dead in the water and was saved with a couple of immunities and her lone alliance mate James won more immunities to guarantee his victory.

Also, alliances are meant to be broken.

One more point that is very important to me is that, yes, I understand it must be frustrating to put in so much work and then have the rug pulled from under you and have the feeling "why even work hard anymore." When I was reading through all the entries for participate and experience the videos and the words and pictures and effort and bringing together of people offline and online I was moved and welled with tears. IT WAS WORKING. This whole weird wonderful project. Amazing things were made. No matter how the game goes down and who wins you are honestly participating in a beautiful thing and I think I would even feel that if I wasn't involved. Mike and I feel just as challenged to make fun weird cool stuff because you guys are responding so well to our challenges. Its this brief period of being in this group of humans who is trying so hard to play a game but also and maybe more so just to express themselves and interact and be creative on the internet and with other creative people.

I don't think you guys are dead in the water, and you clearly are already showing your passion.

9 Steve Schroeder 9:55 AM on 09/21/07

Matthew S - you are still in the game so start thinking passion. I'm trying to get some friends to make a sex tape, but so far I don't have any takers. As far as who is actually in this alliance, it's all speculative of course, but I have my ideas.

10 Krista 9:56 AM on 09/21/07

also, to haters like Josh and Claire.
We was totally reading the results come in like on election night. WOLF BLITZER be looking off to the side sometimes as well.

11 Steve Schroeder 10:00 AM on 09/21/07

I just meant "worse" in the eyes of the big alliance because four teams looked at our entry, looked at the fact that LE didn't post, and then voted for us anyway. That sucks. Especially because the feeling I got from those I was in communication with was that they were planning on basing early votes on merit. Anyway, the alliance thing would be more interesting if we were living in the same house or trapped on the same island, where there is a lot of interpersonal interaction that the audience gets to see. Here, it seems like a few teams that decided to align before the second challenge will rule the rest of the game. We won't be voted off because we got in a drunken fight with G-Rad or ate TJ's cake out of the fridge without asking or didn't pull our weight in the giant puzzle game with Existential Media. We'll get picked off because they decided to band together and kick us off. I guess I just wish there was some more team game theory involved or something. I know this is how the game is played, and I signed up for it knowing that, but it still doesn't make it feel fair.

12 Liz 10:33 AM on 09/21/07

Oh, sure, just say "election night" and I will swoon. NOT

It's called rememberization!!

13 josh 10:38 AM on 09/21/07

Sorry about the teleprompter joke

The drama begins!

14 Claire 10:41 AM on 09/21/07

ahhhhh finally the game is getting juicy

15 adam Forkner 10:59 AM on 09/21/07

holy cow.

stadler turns things on their ear inTHE DEN.

16 Steve Schroeder 1:41 PM on 09/21/07

real brave steve. way to hold your own.

claire, don't apologize for the teleprompter joke. their disavowal of my episode as "unprofessional" would be a lot more convincing if either of them were capable of remembering more than 10 words of dialogue at a time.

17 jamessumneriii 4:25 PM on 09/21/07

god, i love how committed james is to staying in character.

18 kevin erickson 4:44 PM on 09/21/07

kevin, i love you and all but just what the fuck is that supposed to mean?

19 jamessumneriii 4:55 PM on 09/21/07

I am posting this anonymously because I am scared of Liz. First, I should note, I voted for you Liz. I assumed (because it was not being addressed officially) that Little Elephant would be automatically disqualified for not posting anything (and am shocked that she was not) and so did not want to throw away my vote. Quite frankly, the reason I liked your post the least was because it was WAY too long, lacking intense creativity, and not entertaining. This is about effective blogging and sitting (and sitting and sitting) through yours has been rough (which is disappointing because I absolutely love your normal blog). Anyway, I just wanted to say that the voting process sucks and I wish everyone could win...but it really was your post, in my opinion, that was worse than the others (obviously except LEs). Please don't take it personally.

20 This is getting intense 5:56 PM on 09/21/07

Hmm..soo i hadn't yet seen the confessionals that were happening in the den...I guess this is get less anonymous soon isn't it?

21 (continued) 6:09 PM on 09/21/07

what a bunch of wussies! no one will win without strategy. it is part of the game!!!!!!! quit being so damn twee and think on your feet! this is a game! cage match! winner takes all! what made season one a classic in any medium was the brilliance of the inter dynamics of many secret alliances folding in on themselves with more and more secrets revealed near the end. fucking classic. people should re-watch the final few rounds of that shit. so good.
also, fucking james' video was so fucking good!!! fuck an apology! shit was fucking TIGHT

22 adam Forkner 7:24 PM on 09/21/07

I like where this is going... CAGE MATCH!!!

23 Matthew 7:32 PM on 09/21/07

Please keep this in mind:
"Blogging" encompasses an infinite variety of content. Some of this will be serious, devout, experimental, self-important, earnest. And some of the content will be more whimsical, funny, and--at its best--truly capture the personality of the blogger(s).

I've always gravitated to the latter--and that's what I aimed to do with my UB2 posts last year: Capture my personality, give people a good time, invoke a laugh.

This year, Liz and Krista are (in my opinion) the only contestants fostering this brand of blogging. If that's not your thing--as it seems not to be for most of this years competitors--then that's valid (although I would suggest that laughing once in a while soothes the soul), but keep in mind that L & K represent a different, amusing, FUN type of blogging that's just as prevalent, valid, and significant as any other.

So please consider their posts in the spirit in which they're produced. Not every blog has to save the world. Sometimes, they just save a reader's day.

Liz and Krista for president!

24 Zoe 10:28 AM on 09/22/07

I just like that James was thinking about me. It was so sweet of him to keep me around!


Joel Conrad Bechtolt

25 Joel Conrad Bechtolt 11:40 AM on 09/22/07

I think the hardest part of this was receiving the four votes and feeling like they weren't for our work, but for the sake of an alliance.

I really do appreciate the feedback from the anonymous poster (hi) and Matthew Stadler because it lets us know in what ways our answer to the challenge missed the mark with you guys.

I do agree with Zoe that there is a lot of pressure to multi-media like crazy for these posts, because ones that are just text don't seem to inspire much enthusiasm in others (even though most of the blogs I love and read daily are text-based).

That's fine: it's a challenge, and we want to learn and adapt and move forward doing the best we can. We don't want to bore.

26 Liz 11:54 AM on 09/22/07

I wanted to add that I know some readers of UB3 have been missing more text based entries and the judges are totally open to that. We just want diversity and creativity.

Video is the future of the internet and blogging (and by video i mean 3-d holograms)
but text is the still relevant past and present (and future)

27 Steve Schroeder 9:23 AM on 09/23/07

It is truly remarkable, what you have made possible through UB3. Look at this! People are really pouring their hearts out here on the future of media and the Internet. Although it's your creation, many people sincerely believe they own a piece of it, or have the right to criticize it freely. It's blowing my mind.

28 Laura 12:59 PM on 09/23/07

Was Matthew Stadler's entry late for this round judges? Will he be disqualified?

29 Charmed 6:25 PM on 09/23/07

Matthew's entry was late.

But he had posted after the challenge was given (his outing of his process for blogging and his voting practices) so his confessions were considered his passion.
Also, he would not be disqualified for not participating. He would receive a penalty vote, but LATE is better than non-participation completely.

30 Steve Schroeder 7:16 PM on 09/23/07

i forgot to mention that i don't think an apology was necessary for the previous video. i looooved it.

31 kevin 6:40 AM on 09/28/07

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