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Another challenge and another elimination. After an amazing batch of entries we are left with only six contestants after some surprise twists! Congrats again to bodycity for winning immunity.

Hi-Res Quicktime Version of Episode # 03

WARNING: This episode contains violence, dark themes, and inappropriate language.

So many great blogs these days are wonderfully specific. Sub-niches that deal with such deep topics most of us will never see them. Our internet identity is composed of an array of our specific interests. The internet is a place where anyone, whatever their interests or kinks, can find peers. This leads to those amazing insider blogs that delve deep past an introduction and into uncharted territories on new subjects. Only by having a true passion for a topic can a person sustain a blog with no regard to the number of readers or making it easy to read for neophytes. We all have our own passions, and no matter what they are about, with enough conviction your passionate blog entries make the subject matter compelling and pull the reader in. Take us deep into your world and show us where your passion resonates the strongest.

The deadline for this challenge is next Sunday, the 23rd at 12:00pm noon (pacific) with the immunity and voting happening soon after.

Thanks to James Sumner. A special thank you to Mr. dalas verdugo for really helping us out, and to April for her assistance! And a very sincere thank you to Hammy's Pizza, the unofficial caterer of UB3.


When the sign on the video screen says "The video has been deleted." it seems to mean that the video has been deleted and is not available for viewing. That seems strange to me.

1 richjensen 4:51 PM on 09/20/07

But I went to vimeo.com and found the video on Mike Merrill's page. Then I watched it. ha HA!

2 richjensen 5:16 PM on 09/20/07

very meta.

3 moih 5:25 PM on 09/20/07


are you playing mind games, Rich?

4 Steve Schroeder 5:25 PM on 09/20/07

I'm playing mind REALITIES Steve.

The entertainment I was promised has been deleted from my screen.

5 richjensen 5:35 PM on 09/20/07

so fucking good. jesus

6 adam Forkner 5:37 PM on 09/20/07

This was the funniest so far.

7 Cory Weaver 6:44 PM on 09/20/07

who was eliminated?

8 marge bouvier 8:02 PM on 09/20/07

Do I have to watch the video to find out who was eliminated?

9 Chris 8:29 PM on 09/20/07

@Chris: Check out one of the many UB3 fan wikis.

10 dalas v 12:06 AM on 09/21/07

Oh my god this was so good. So good. So good.

11 Morgan Dorney 7:52 AM on 09/21/07

Dalas--I have no idea what you are talking about!

12 Chris 8:59 AM on 09/21/07

sweet cheese knife dudes.

13 molly 9:48 AM on 09/21/07

cheese knife? more like death instrument.

14 Steve Schroeder 10:05 AM on 09/21/07

dalas- i think i have a lead on the mid-stream hack. more soon.

15 jamessumneriii 12:10 PM on 09/21/07

Wow. Just... wow.

16 Jona 12:47 PM on 09/21/07

dalas- a friend from dailymotion says some of their accounts and videos got hacked ads from both matchDOTcom and trueDOTcom a little while back. he won't say much (legal issues pending), but i think it amounts to people using the same passwords on multiple sites without reading the fine print about where their data may go to.

oh, and best part? matchDOTcom is like 10 levels of outsourcing removing from the ad placement, so they keep their hands clean.

17 jamessumneriii 4:14 PM on 09/21/07

Argh, that sucks.

18 dalas v 11:48 PM on 09/21/07

this is the best.

19 ryan 9:18 AM on 09/22/07

I liked the 'matchdotcom hack' I thought it was part of the bedlam.

20 richjensen 8:19 PM on 09/22/07

man, the only bedlam here is MIKE apparently using the same password for his match.com and vimeo accounts. mangled editing, hacked-in ads...christ, why didn't they just show it upside down while they were at it?

21 jamessumneriii 4:32 PM on 09/23/07

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