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Of the eight original contestants we are now down to just five. Congratulations again to Existential Media for their second immunity win, but of course now it's time for an all new challenge.

Hi-Res Quicktime Version of Episode # 04

Nothing livens up a blog like images, and often the posting of an image with no text or explanation can really prove the old adage about 1000 words. When discovering a new blog the images often set the tone first, as they jump out of the text. Images on a blog are like clothes on a person, and a reader will infer a lot from just seeing the photos before they read a single word.

This challenge is taking that idea even further. We're forbidding the use of video or text of any sort. The idea of this challenge is to show us your world. We want to see where you do what it is that you do. Environment has a huge effect on how we work and live. Show us your city, your neighborhood, your house, your workplace, your creative space, wherever you make your work or whatever you feel like we should see. And make sure to portray WHY it's so awesome and special.

The deadline for this challenge is next Thursday, the 27th at 12:00pm (pacific) with the immunity and voting happening soon after.

Thanks to dalas verdugo and everyone at Vimeo. A special thank you to Adrian Chen for really helping us out and teaching us so much about not just comedy, but ourselves. And a very sincere thank you to GT's Kombucha for their continued support.


It's so weird, all of these videos just say "This video has been deleted" on a black screen over at my end.

So...who got das boot?!?

1 Zoe 11:27 AM on 09/24/07

maybe refresh the page. the video got re-encoded on vimeo. it should be up and available to watch now.

we like to have a period where the elimination is not on the site without watching the video. only a couple hours.

2 Steve Schroeder 11:34 AM on 09/24/07

You know there's a very peculiar talking cat that would have rounded out that hilarious video reel quite nicely. :-)

3 Liz 11:41 AM on 09/24/07

best video yet. you should totally use those guys again.

4 billy 11:47 AM on 09/24/07

ok- credit where credit's due: funny as hell.

editing-wise, though, major mistake in not looping one of the nut-kick clips for ten minutes. de gustibus, babe. de gustibus.

5 jamessumneriii 12:04 PM on 09/24/07

I can't stop singing the friggin themesong! I just cranked one of the mixes!

6 tjn 7:53 PM on 09/24/07

I don't know if anyone can top Tim and Morgan!!

7 Matthew 8:04 PM on 09/24/07

I was looking at the pics from last year and totally got that Tim and Morgan song stuck in my head. Zoe called those songs "brain parasites," which I think is fairly accurate.

8 Liz 6:50 AM on 09/25/07

I just want to say that this challenge will be great, and offer a level of creative release. I have been trigger happy since it was announced yesterday. I'm looking forward to what everyone comes up with.

9 TJN 3:51 PM on 09/25/07

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