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And so we reach the Final Four. Each contestant sitting in their respective corner and eyeing each other's strengths and weaknesses. It's every man, woman, and community for themselves. This is the part where we see alliances break apart under the constant barrage of back-room deals and strategies to make it to the next round. The only guarantee of safety is immunity.

Hi-Res Quicktime Version of Episode # 05

The challenge is Piracy, a theme which represents the dark underbelly of the web. This isn't the "Walk the plank!" piracy of Errol Flynn, but rather the dark cultural aspect of the internet. The internet is built on open standards, and digital content is easy to copy. For a prolific blogger, photographer, or designer the web can be a nightmare defending your intellectual property. We want you to delve into the realm of copying, stealing, appropriating, mash-ups, remixes, and all the quasi-legal aspects of the digital world. It's all about recontextualizing and using other sources to make something in the end that is truly your own. This is another challenge where we want to see the process of what you do. As this may well be a more involved challenge, the deadline is Wednesday, Oct. 3rd, at 3:00pm (pacific). As always the immunity and voting will be conducted later that day.

Normally we'd thank everyone at this point, but instead I'd like to get a little negative and warn everyone: DO NOT WORK WITH dalas verdugo OR ADRIAN CHEN. They are terrible violent tricky people just out to promote their own commercial success. Sorry for the harsh vibes.


This was the funniest one yet, and the BEST challenge too. I'm looking forward to being alone out there with my bros n' sis' n arms! Rock on. Out! - T

1 TJ Norris 11:43 AM on 09/28/07


2 Matthew 12:02 PM on 09/28/07

Yeah, don't work with us unless you want professional excellence and world class comedy! Good thing you only have to crap out a few more episodes, because you're fucked without us!

3 dalas v 1:35 PM on 09/28/07

i have to say, even though they tried to hijack our show i still like those guys.


4 Steve Schroeder 1:43 PM on 09/28/07

Steve, you can sing! More of that.

5 Alisha 3:13 PM on 09/28/07

jesus fucking christ bring sumner back in! im bored!!!!!! bored bored bored bored bored!!!!

......or confusing glitches that loop for many minutes

please please bring back the pain!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

severed dog penis!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

6 adam Forkner 5:49 PM on 09/28/07

talk about boring.........ever listen to White Rainbow??????

7 Steve Schroeder 6:18 PM on 09/28/07


8 trip over broken 12:45 AM on 09/29/07

Mr. Failure McFuckUperson!!!

9 kevin 7:19 AM on 09/29/07

Steve is hot.

10 TJ Norris 9:12 PM on 09/29/07

TJ, stop sucking up to the judges. If you win this thing, I will boycott Season 4.

11 Morgan D 7:39 AM on 09/30/07

You haven't been a model citizen.

12 TJ Norris 8:04 AM on 09/30/07

Steve is hot, though.

13 Steve Schroeder 11:44 AM on 09/30/07

I wasn't accusing TJ of lying. I was accusing him of brown-nosing.

14 Morgan D 9:59 PM on 09/30/07

Adrian's comedy class website is very, very terrific.


Well done.

15 Terry Garcia 10:10 PM on 09/30/07


16 Adrian 10:46 PM on 09/30/07

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