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First Immunity Awarded

From September 13, 2007 | Permalink

It it with great pleasure that we reveal the first immunity of Ultimate Blogger 3. While many of the entries were amazing, and it was a very close call, in the end there was one profile which drew us in and made us want to know more. Congratulations to Existential Media, who is the only contestant to be guaranteed to make it to the next challenge.

The contestants are now voting, and the results will be revealed tomorrow along with the new entry and the first to be eliminated. It's hard to believe we will be losing someone so soon! We would like to thank all the contestants for their hard work and great profiles.

Please note that the images of the contestants are now linked to their profile page! We encourage you to click on them and learn more about these eight fascinating contestants.

We nervously await the results and will see you all tomorrow!


it's really really happening.

1 Miranda July 7:21 PM on 09/13/07


2 matthew 11:09 PM on 09/13/07

Excellent job, Existential Media! We're about to find out the true meaning behind "L'enfer, c'est les autres."

3 kevin 9:00 AM on 09/14/07

Kevin, that quote is so meta, 1) it's french, 2) Jean Paul Sartre (Existential meta!)

4 Matthew 9:14 AM on 09/14/07

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