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Fourth Immunity Awarded

From September 27, 2007 | Permalink

Wow. That was awesome. G-Rad seems to have wrapped every challenge we have had so far and rolled it all up into this one giant burrito of an entry! It was really exciting to watch it happen and super fun. So congratulations to G-RAD for winning immunity (and astounding us, I mean, a widget!?! REALLY!??). Just when we thought we'd seen the best they had to offer, we see everyone stepping up their game and really pushing themselves.

Wow. This contest just keeps getting more interesting.

Immunity comes in the form of the The ORLY Owl of Immunity (with some "Calder red" outlining) and of course now G-RAD is safe for one more round of UB3. Meanwhile the remaining contestants are all at risk, and must choose one among them to be eliminated! Tomorrow we will learn who was eliminated and what the next challenge will be.


It's about time!

1 Patrick 1:44 PM on 09/27/07


2 Matthew 2:57 PM on 09/27/07

Congrats! Nice Work!!!!!

3 Sarah Ra Ra 3:30 PM on 09/27/07

Hang on. How does G-Rad write part of their entry in a no-words challenge...and win?

4 Zoe 9:10 PM on 09/27/07


5 Jordan 9:14 PM on 09/27/07

As George pointed out,

"Caligula's Daughter and Zoe, thank you for your concerns. This was not our "challenge post," but rather a prelude to that post provided to help you enjoy the performance when it came time to post the challenge.

think of it as an appendix, that necessarily had to come before our Challenge 4 entry."

The entry itself was word-less.

6 kevin 6:14 AM on 09/28/07

The question is whether g-rad would have won without the technical entry leading to the extra bonus entry containing words and video that came after deadline.

7 Shhh 7:17 AM on 09/28/07

We provide the rules to a challenge as a way to force the contestants to get creative. It's a difficult thing to balance because you want it open enough that they can think creatively, but also narrow enough that *have* to think creatively.

Would G-Rad have won with just the images captured from the webcam? No, I don't think so. But the context is important! They pulled us in, built it up, and turned a picture challenge into a live performance in a way I found exciting and inspirational.

In a way, they out-smarted us. They interpreted the rules in a different way and met the letter of the law while destroying the intent. Again, that appeals to me. :)

8 Mikey 10:01 AM on 09/28/07

Ugh. Admitting that the text counted? Even worse.

You've lost me and my faith in UB3. You're not looking for the Ultimate Blogger--you're looking for the Blogger Who Most Fits Your Ideals.

9 Zoe 5:06 PM on 09/28/07

She\'s right, you know. You guys and your big ideals. You\'re just a bunch of self-imposed-rule-breaking-ideal-wanting-others-to-fit wankers.

10 Paul Lo Duca 7:26 AM on 09/29/07

As a judge I think it's my job to find the Blogger Who Most Fits My Ideals... as that would be the Ultimate Blogger.

We've always looked at Ultimate Blogger as a way to inspire great content, and from the outset I think it's been clear that our judging criteria is based on engaging and entertaining content.

Those are somewhat subjective things to be sure, and not everyone is going to agree with every decision, but that's the nature of any game.

If a ref makes what you think is a bad call do you stop watching baseball?

11 Mikey 6:05 PM on 09/29/07

Are you people under the impression that reality television and contests of all sorts are not engineered to be compelling?

This is the best UB yet. Twists and turns!

12 Claire 9:19 PM on 10/02/07

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