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Second Immunity!

From September 19, 2007 | Permalink

We think this might be the best batch of entries we've ever seen in this contest... So much positive energy and hope! One entry pulled us back over and over, not just with the video they posted, but with such a perfect example of internet involvement and a transparent look into how it all happened. Congratulations to bodycity! They have won the Hamsterdance of Immunity, a truly coveted animated.gif prize.

And with that, bodycity will be the only contestant to definitely remain tomorrow, when we will see who has been the next person voted into oblivion. Did those three votes against Paige really represent an early alliance? Or was it just random chance? Much of the strategy could become apparent after we tally these votes.

We really encourage everyone to dig into the Den and look at what has been posted. The Den Archive page works as a great index to everything posted so far.


well deserved!!!!

1 Matthew 4:53 PM on 09/19/07

Terrific! You ladies are inspiring.

2 Savion Glover 5:02 PM on 09/19/07

Wow, we feel so honored! and hampsterdance, who could ask for anything more?! (except maybe for the hampsterdance themesong) Thanks guys. we like you!

3 molly 6:57 PM on 09/19/07

Did Little Elephant post a Challenge 2? I didn't see one.


4 Terry Garcia 8:12 PM on 09/19/07

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