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Third Immunity!

From September 23, 2007 | Permalink

Another amazing batch of entries, and a very honest view at the passion of our contestants. We really feel everyone is stepping up to the plate and putting forth content that will stand the test of time. As the competition moves forward we're seeing things heat up in the comments. Of course we encourage everyone to root for their favorites, but remember that everyone is working very hard on this stuff. We really appreciate the efforts of the contestants and the high expectations of our viewers.

The first contestant to win two immunity awards is Existential Media, who are awarded the ALL YOUR IMMUNITY ARE BELONG TO US. They are setting themselves up as the team to beat in this competition! Congratulations to them for the second time.

And so we enter another voting period. Existential Media is safe, but all the others are wondering, will that powerful alliance strike them down next? We will know on Monday when the next next video is posted, revealing both who was eliminated and the next challenge.


Fuck yeah, uh!

1 Jordan 3:43 PM on 09/23/07


2 George 4:02 PM on 09/23/07

Cats is part of EM!

3 Matthew 5:28 PM on 09/23/07

me thinks Ex Med are friends of the hosts of the show. Perhaps alliances aside....maybe it's all fixed?

4 sammie 6:21 PM on 09/23/07

Sammie, really?

5 Matthew 6:49 PM on 09/23/07

You got us Sammie!

6 Steve Schroeder 7:02 PM on 09/23/07


That was Cory of G-RAd posing as me!!!!!!

You got us, Sammie.
You got me, Cory.

I'm all up in your ip address looking up your whois.

7 Steve Schroeder 7:13 PM on 09/23/07

You got me, Steve.

8 Cory Weaver 7:43 PM on 09/23/07

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