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UB3 Theme - Bobby Birdman Version

From September 21, 2007 | Permalink

We are blessed to have a really great theme song this season as crafted by Cabel Sasser. Which you can now download in the sidebar to the left there as well as a slightly different more upbeat version that Cabel recorded.

Right now I would like to debut the first of a series of reworkings of this song by musicians we really love. First off we have someone who has made music for Ultimate Blogger before (the music episode in Season 2) and made a brief but special cameo as well. BOBBY BIRDMAN! 

Ultimate Blogger Theme (Bobby Birdman Version) (2.2 MB MP3)

This version is bound to be packing the dance floors of New York, Los Angeles, and Internet City.  

Thanks so much Bobby Birdman!


It's high time! More!

1 Matthew 7:40 PM on 09/21/07

thank you!

2 freddy 7:51 PM on 09/22/07

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