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Here it is, the final episode and the winner revealed!

Hi-Res Quicktime Version of Episode # 08

Thanks to everyone for your help this season. Thanks for watching, thanks for participating! We couldn't have done it with out you all.


congrats whomever won!! (first comment, sweet)

1 james 11:12 AM on 10/12/07


2 Steve Schroeder 11:13 AM on 10/12/07

Dumbledore kills Steve at the end.

3 Mikey 11:18 AM on 10/12/07

Jona kind of looks like Mike D, of today, at the beginning of the video there... Still letting the video load so I have no idea who won.

4 kevin 11:29 AM on 10/12/07

con g-rats! (no diss intended)

5 jordan 11:47 AM on 10/12/07

Everyone involved:

You're all winners, awesome awesome.

G-Rad, BC, EM, Mike, Jona, Steve. Rad job dudes.

Real Talk!

6 Patrick 12:19 PM on 10/12/07


7 Cory Weaver 12:57 PM on 10/12/07


Congratulations G-RAD!

8 Matthew 1:05 PM on 10/12/07

WOW and a half. G-rad, you won with style. Congratulations!!

9 Alisha 1:28 PM on 10/12/07

Yeah G-Rad! All the other last teams were crap. haha.

10 Krista 2:12 PM on 10/12/07


11 Matthew 2:29 PM on 10/12/07

G-RAD! way to go you guys...I hope you do a victory dance.

12 meagan 2:35 PM on 10/12/07

Word up G-RAD!

13 outobol 3:31 PM on 10/12/07

good job g-rad.....your hard work paid off....great, thoughtful and well executed posts throughout...you are true bloggers!

14 lake 5:54 PM on 10/12/07

i wanna say thanks to mike, steve and jona. you guys were awesome.

bring it back for ub4!

15 kevinb 8:39 PM on 10/12/07

I am confused, most certainly.

16 moih 10:39 PM on 10/12/07

G-Rad got my vote!

17 TJ Norris 1:02 AM on 10/13/07


My friend Carlos wants to be a contestant on UB4.

18 carlos 11:13 AM on 10/13/07

I can always appreciate a nice art project. I do have to say that everything about this season bored me to tears, but that's just me.

I would, however like to continue the lovefest going on in this thread by saying good job, good show, take care and brush your hair.

I think Patrick summed it up best with:

"You're all winners, awesome awesome."

We're all superstars. That means you too, Patrick.

Is there such a thing as ratings on the interwebs? If so, how'd you guys do this go-around?

I'm pretty sure I am typing this in vain as I've been banned in all sorts of different ways over and over again when trying to comment.

All that drool being dripped, congrats to G-Rad. Be honest, did you guys ever think it was a real contest? Hopefully it won't all go to your collective heads That would be a true bummer. Just don't go capitalizing the "RAD" in your name, that would be crass and no one likes a jerk.

19 Joel Conrad Bechtolt 11:00 AM on 10/14/07

PS: My friend Enrique totally wants to be a contestant in UB4!

20 Joel Conrad Bechtolt 11:01 AM on 10/14/07

Jona brings the funny back! A whole "we can't really do it without Jona" movie would be appropriate and real. Jona cringes when I applaud him cause I'm such an idiot, but seriously, compare this video with the other ones. The only lie Jona tells is when he says "I really like all the videos you've guys have done". Brilliant. Deep. Amazing. Awesomes for trues. You guys rule.

21 Joel Conrad Bechtolt 1:12 PM on 10/14/07

so, sweet dudes. steve, really cool tights, jealous!! mike, can we hug sometime?--preferably when you are in costume. jona, hiiiiii! guys, will you please like?! i finally got to see this episode after days of anxious waiting and really, congrats to g-rad whole heartedly, i kinda just want to see you guys happy. but the day is fine. there is a new harpers in my bathroom and time trudges on. did you know that scientists have confirmed that some female beetles have sex because they're thirsty? science!

22 molly 10:51 AM on 10/15/07

Well, I'm not sure I'll ever wear a Donald Duck costume again... it's back to a suit and tie for me. I just landed my dream job at ConocoPhillips and I'll be moving to Houston for training at the end of the week.

After that I'm hoping to work in their Emerging Businesses division in England. I have a real passion for power plants. (and Science!)

23 Mikey 11:04 AM on 10/15/07

Well, I'm back on tour day after tomorrow. Thanks for your support.


20.10.2007 Paris (FR), Point Ephemere
21.10.2007 Bordeaux (FR), Son'art
22.10.2007 Nantes (FR), Université De Nantes (w/ Antelope + Thee More Shallows)
23.10.2007 Toulouse (FR), L'Ambassade
24.10.2007 Lyon (FR), Epicerie Moderne
25.10.2007 Reims (FR), Festival Electricity
26.10.2007 Nancy (FR), Badaboum Festival @ L'Autre Canal
27.10.2007 Rennes (FR), Electronik Festival @ UBU
30.10.2007 Oslo (NO), Spasibar
31.10.2007 Malmö (SE), Inkonst


01.11.2007 Göteborg (SE), Berg211
02.11.2007 Arhus (DK), RECession Festival
03.11.2007 Berlin (DE), Worried Noodles Release Party @ Festsaal Kreuzberg
05.11.2007 Dublin (IE), Whelans (w/ Deerhunter)
06.11.2007 London (UK), 93 Feet East (w/ Numbers)
08.11.2007 Glasgow (UK), NicenSleazy
09.11.2007 Manchester (UK), Charlies
14.11.2007 Exeter (UK), Cavern Club
15.11.2007 Bristol (UK), Thekla (Club///stutter)
16.11.2007 Berlin (DE), West Germany
17.11.2007 Lüneburg (DE), Asta Wohnzimmer
18.11.2007 Hamburg (DE), Fundbureau

24 Jona 4:58 PM on 10/16/07

Hey, we might be in the UK at the same time! Let's get a drink!

25 Mikey 5:07 PM on 10/16/07

I gave my filmblogger two cents on ub3 over at SpoutBlog:


26 kevinb 6:36 PM on 10/16/07

Aesthetic Integrity Chart is the best.


Congrats guys miss GR so much.

27 Karen 11:59 AM on 10/31/07

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