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G-rad got pretty sneaky on that last one, but the show must go on.

EPISODE #: AOKUB3WTFPUNK from bodycity on Vimeo.
The metaphor describing the relationship between consciousness and the sub-conscious can be applied to the relationship between protected and shared intellectual property. Dreams can be appropriated and influenced through light and sound, by various stresses throughout our days or by more direct methods as with Brion Gysin's dream machine. The effect is complete whether or not the desire to create it is overt. Piracy can be just that; an aggressive act of ripping someone's property, be it physical or intellectual, out from under them and making it your own. It can also take on the more subtle nature of the effect a blinking light or passing ambulance might have on the sleeper. Dreams help us to reexamine our waking lives in new innovative ways. Without dreams there is so much about ourselves that could go unrealized. In the universe of digital intellectual information, the same applies. Piracy is an integral part of exploration. Just as song writers, poets, and artists "steal" from one another and just as our dreams are focused thoughts from our subconscious, piracy moves our collective thought process. Sharing is caring.


oh man!

1 george 9:10 AM on 10/03/07

Oh, sure, try and upstage me by pulling the girl card!

2 tj Norris 9:24 AM on 10/03/07

"dick based"

this is getting awesome.

3 Patrick 9:30 AM on 10/03/07

Did you record that at Katy's birthday? How did I not notice that?

4 Matthew 9:40 AM on 10/03/07

Also, I really like your "steve-beards".

5 Matthew 9:46 AM on 10/03/07

G-Rad beat you to it.
Kind of stings.

6 Hot Spatulas 10:03 AM on 10/03/07

Very Funny!

I'm glad you guys participated in our challenge!

7 Cory Weaver 10:11 AM on 10/03/07

I have a whole big bag of love for Body City. Nicely done.

8 Krista 12:15 PM on 10/03/07

Hey Hot Spats,

First off, no self-respecting cook uses SPATULAS. They're called HANDS. Grow some!

Also, as interesting as PDF files are, we think videos kind of kick their ass.

9 Evan 1:30 PM on 10/03/07

This just keeps getting better & better ...

10 Jenn 1:32 PM on 10/03/07

Evan, we believe both technologies are effective. Neither is better.


Adobe Systems Inc.

11 Adobe Systems Inc. 1:36 PM on 10/03/07

All due respect, sir, but our growing list of celebrity chef endorsers might just disagree with you.
The contemporary, adventurous, sanitary chef uses a contemporary utensil on the range.
It's this kind of disinformation that keeps our public relations office's heads spinning.
Try a spatula, sir. I guarantee you'll never hand-flip a vegan chocolate chip banana pancake again.

CEO, The Original Spatula Factory, Rigby, NH

12 The Original Spatula Factory 2:53 PM on 10/03/07

Wow, you guys!


1) The ratio of UB videos where Molly is wearing pants to videos where she not wearing pants is now 0:3
2) Brilliant Lloyd & Michael sequence
3) Honestly very funny!!!
4) Great use of end credits

13 Claire 4:49 PM on 10/03/07

dear dead link posers,

lover of Michigan that I am, it is truly sad to see such cowardly crits come from supporters of the genuinely radical...but the b-city rules soooo much heavier than the repost of a participation plan form yesteryear. Immunity my watoosie. Weak sauce all around.

14 alex 10:08 PM on 10/03/07

Sir Lex,

Body City's video was amazing to me. Tied really with G-Rad, but for me what was amazing about the G-Rad post was not the participation re-hash but the raw PIRACY. They hacked our ass LEGIT. Surprise out of nowhere, new banner, stole the den, put the game on its ear. I loved their pdf and that they got people to participate but the act of the hack was DEEP.

But I loved this Body City so much, I laughed so many times and only my cat would know it because I was alone but very many dead on moments.

15 Steve Schroeder 10:45 PM on 10/03/07

Body City's video was completely good. I laughed a lot. The fact that they had 3 of each host was amazing. Lloyd and Michael showing up was fantastic, since those ladies are totally funny. Having you guys as guest directors is even believable for UB, so that's totally perfect.
I guess I'm just rooting for my buds in a little bit of a home team way. I love Body City.
As for the deadlink posting style, I'm digging the griftiness of the whole contest right now.
And I think that G-Rad won the challenge because they actually hacked the site. They subtly changed the look of the site, and posted a fake video link that parodied in a great way. They staged a siege of the contest that I think embodied the Piracy idea. Body City did something very similar. I don't think G-Rad won by a landslide.
Are we pals again?


16 Warm Spoons 10:51 PM on 10/03/07

Warm Spoons is plainly the Hot Knives guys that are in the vid. They are in bed with the gals...not to mention the people operating the contest.

17 George 11:08 AM on 10/05/07

For the record, that was not this George.

18 George 11:49 PM on 10/05/07


We have no interest in any team winning over any other.

Warm Spoons is clearly not Hot Knives. They were fighting with the Hot Knives.


19 Steve Schroeder 12:28 AM on 10/06/07

and by fake George I mean TJ!

Shame shame.

It's cool to have conspiracy theories, TJ, yours are just all misguided.

Warm Spoons = G-Rad supporters, most likely as they are ripping on the Hot Knives.

We are not rooting for anyone. We have awarded immunity based on which entries we felt best responded to the specific challenge in the most creative and compelling way.

20 Steve Schroeder 12:32 AM on 10/06/07

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