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Fifth of Immunity

From October 3, 2007 | Permalink

Congratulations to G-RAD for winning their second immunity. As the game progresses immunity becomes more and more valuable. Tomorrow morning one of the other three will no longer be in the game! Everyone better hope their alliances are rock solid.

The dizzying array of entries on this last challenge that were posted all throughout the internet kept us nervous and excited. It took us a while to feel like we really had a handle on what went down, and even then it appeared that some of the contestants were working together? Very strange indeed. We have cleaned up the front page now, but we remain impressed.

And so the YTMND Immunity Page is given to G-RAD for their hacking, piracy, parody, mixed-up challenge that they presented to the world. Congratulations on lasting one more round.


You really earned it this time, G-Rad. con-G-Rad-ulations!

1 liz 7:57 AM on 10/04/07

For Realzz!

2 Alisha 9:37 AM on 10/04/07


3 George 7:14 AM on 10/06/07

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