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EPISODE #05.5: (P)Reproduction

From October 2, 2007 | Permalink

Well folks, we've thrown a parrot on your shoulder this time! In recent days, we've noticed some dissent among our ultimate blogger participants and our viewing public. Folks seem to be feeling a bit disenchanted, a little disillusioned, shall we say, about how rules are interpreted, immunities distributed, alliances formed, and challenge themes chosen. (And here we thought Piracy would be a hit.)

Hi-Res Adobe .PDF Version of Episode # 05.5

To all you naysayers out there, here's your chance to take charge and tell us what you think the next challenge should be. The time has come to stop your trash talkin' and start some serious shot callin'. Yep, that's right. This is the Create Your Own Challenge challenge. If you were us, what would the next challenge be?

This challenge is open to EVERYONE: ultimate bloggers present and past, our viewers, and especially the people that keep talking the talk in the comments (non-regular UB3 contributers can log in here using 'ub3den' as both the login and password). Submissions are due no later than Wednesday, October 3, at 3 p.m. (Pacific). We know you're short on time, so we're limiting submissions for Challenge 5.5 to video, and we've created a toolbox of dialogue and props to help get those creative juices flowing. We are eager to see your submissions!

UPDATE: We now have TWO RAD NEW VERSIONS of the Ultimate Blogger 3 Theme Song for your enjoyment and use in making your own episode of UB3! One by our friend David of Cains & Abels and a remix by COW BLOOD. You can find them on the sidebar to your left.


Very good hacking guys! :)

1 TJ Norris 4:30 PM on 10/02/07

What the?

NOT COOL! We will have this under control shortly.

2 Steve Schroeder 4:48 PM on 10/02/07

How is this possible?!?

3 Kevin Erickson 5:16 PM on 10/02/07

They asked, that's how.

4 Matthew 5:22 PM on 10/02/07

they didn't ask me

i don't know what the hell you are talking about.

asked the universe?

i can't get my login to work anymore.

this is actually pretty upsetting.

5 Steve Schroeder 6:04 PM on 10/02/07

This is awesome.

6 Sarah 6:38 PM on 10/02/07

They forgot to put a link to my site:

7 Zach 6:46 PM on 10/02/07


8 Patrick 6:46 PM on 10/02/07

why is the mp3 for the cow blood remix named SAA remix?


9 Steve Schroeder 6:50 PM on 10/02/07


10 Claire 8:49 PM on 10/02/07

Also, I was not in the California desert. Southern Central Oregon high desert.
about 25 miles outside of Christmas Valley, OR as noted in episode #00.

Also, my phone is a KRZR not a RAZR.

11 Steve Schroeder 12:29 AM on 10/03/07


12 Jenn 12:46 AM on 10/03/07


13 james 2:55 AM on 10/03/07

wowwowowow. great. i love.

14 sam 5:34 AM on 10/03/07

see, i thought that you fell in love with arizona after giving them their prize and then wandered around, finally settling in the desert

15 kevin 7:28 AM on 10/03/07

dammit. them = tim morgan/

16 kevin 7:29 AM on 10/03/07

WOW...Great concept and PDF. I love the photos.

Congrats to G-Rad for taking to the next level!

17 JPW 8:06 AM on 10/03/07
18 TJ Norris 8:43 AM on 10/03/07

HA! I actually scanned this and thought it was a real challenge. That's what I get for not watching videos at work. Great pirate act! Arrrr!

19 Liz 9:21 AM on 10/03/07

I want to have G-Rad's babies.

20 Krista 12:19 PM on 10/03/07

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