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This is it! The final challenge. In a surprising twist we have three finalists; BodyCity, G-RAD, and Existential Media all fighting it out to win the title of Ultimate Blogger. With just one challenge left the future of this game is now in the hands of those eliminated. All that is left is a final appeal to those they kicked out of the game. It's time for politics.

Hi-Res Quicktime Version of Episode # 07

Each of the finalists will now make their final plea to the other contestants. These are due in the Den on Wednesday, October 10th, at 9:00 pm (Portland time). After that time the ousted contestants will vote on which of the three they believe to be the Ultimate Blogger, and the winner will be revealed on Friday.

Special thanks to Chadwick Johnson for extending his visit to cover the final days of the competition.


Time Travel!

1 Doc 11:20 AM on 10/08/07

err...nevermind. It's fixed. I'll be in the Wild West if anyone needs me.

2 Doc 11:21 AM on 10/08/07

The smear campaign ads were a riot! A tour de force and an admirable return to form!

3 The Vegucator 12:29 PM on 10/08/07

Since we have no babies to kiss, teams hoping to win our affections and vote should note that we enjoy martinis and cookies. Preferable cold and warm, respectively, and delivered to our work desks.

4 oh don piano 1:45 PM on 10/08/07

No caucus?

5 kevin 10:32 AM on 10/09/07
6 Mikey 11:52 AM on 10/11/07

Strange how the advice contained at that link is totally naive and retarded, but almost entirely true.

My favorite paragraph:

"Blogging has benefited many people in the past. They use them to send information to others and interact in small communities. The simple thing to remember is, blogs help to get you noticed on the internet."

IT'S TRUE!!!!!

7 josh 12:51 AM on 10/12/07

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