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We Are In Control.

From October 3, 2007 | Permalink

Hacked. Somehow the contestants have gained access to the main blog of UB3. This is essentially a "patients taking over the asylum" situation, and while unnerving and disruptive, we have ways of dealing with this.

Certain contestants conspired together to cause one of the system admins to give up a username and password. Patching the leak is easy, as we can simply disable the account they are using. However, some contestants used this super-user account to grant their own accounts additional privileges. We are working on cutting access to those accounts, and things should be back to normal no later than tomorrow.

In the meantime, pay special attention to what the URL of the page you are looking at is, and hopefully we can put this whole mess behind us. Special thanks to our friends at CERT for helping us out and to IC3 for their ongoing investigation.



1 George 11:05 AM on 10/03/07

And another Body City, you are in big trouble...

We own this thing.

2 Cory Weaver 11:10 AM on 10/03/07

We are not naming names at this time. Everything has been turned over to Special Agent in Charge Robert J. Jordan of the FBI's Portland office and they are working with the IC3 task force to determine what happened.

I would recommend not talking about it to anyone until you have spoken with your lawyer.

3 Mike Merrill 11:10 AM on 10/03/07

which is it corey: are you taking credit or pointing fingers?

4 meagan 11:27 AM on 10/03/07

Well, I was pretending to take credit for the post...but, Mikey obviously put me to shame.

I'm sorry. This is more serious than I thought.

5 Cory Weaver 11:30 AM on 10/03/07

You got nothing on these kids. Leave them alone and let them play your game, which is really a game they're putting on and letting you participate in.

6 Kevin Mitnick 11:35 AM on 10/03/07

So, you're not going to let them finish?
You pulled the plug in the middle of the challenge?
Weren't you opening the door for this kind of stuff when you issued a "Piracy" challenge? G-Rad's was a pretty gonzo move, but wasn't it in the spirit of the game and the challenge? Did you just get mad because they messed with YOUR property? Could Existential Media have won if they hacked G-Rad.org?

7 Hot Spatulas 12:08 PM on 10/03/07

Wait, is there more?!

If you have more info about who is behind this you should contact Agent Jordan:


8 Mikey 12:14 PM on 10/03/07

We thought they were finished.

9 Steve Schroeder 12:26 PM on 10/03/07

They better be finished!!! Enough is enough.

10 Mikey 12:34 PM on 10/03/07

Agent Jordan?

Jordan Dykstra???



11 Patrick 12:40 PM on 10/03/07

It's true. We have a man on the inside.

12 Matthew 12:49 PM on 10/03/07


We need everyone to calm down. We have a few leads and we're talking to some more people even now as I post this. This is a serious offense and I'd like to thank those who have already stepped forward, you've done the right thing. Thank you for your patience and we'll have this sorted out and the charges filed by the end of the day.

And Matthew, there is no inside at the FBI. There are no doors.


13 Agent Jordan 12:59 PM on 10/03/07

No doors? Just like Medical Mechanica.

14 Matthew 1:05 PM on 10/03/07

Man, G-Rad has some mean fans!

15 Claire 4:52 PM on 10/03/07

LEADS! Who's your coach?

16 dalas v 7:40 PM on 10/03/07

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